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Today's Classes

Sunday, December 11th

10 am
Gentle Hatha
with Shalanne Wilkison, 1 hr 15 min
11:45 am
All Levels Hatha
with Heather Hollingdale, 1 hr 15 min
7 pm
with Bill Eager, 1 hr 15 min

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We put a little box in the bathroom and asked our community for feedback. You know, suggestions, how can we improve, was there something you loved about class today, or something you didn't... This is what we got: entire walls of motivation and love. Our people are the BEST! 😇😎🙏 Thanks to our amazing teacher @glitter_and_dirt_ for the 📸 ❤ Find your comfort, completely supported in your practice by community, compassion and breath. 
Thanks again to @andrew_misle for helping us to sweeten ourselves and open our hearts.

#tandavayoga #anandatandava #sattvaananda #sweetwarrior #community #sangha #togetherwebloom #adventuresinstillness #adventuresinSelf #YLW #kelownayoga #restorativeyoga #propyourself #yoga Start where you are...
Today at the studio, Jeff is teaching a lovely gentle hatha class followed by a super relaxing yoga nidra to give you the gift of mental health and wellness during the holidays. Part of the proceeds go to the Canadian Mental Health Association & people who attend got to take home a beautiful Mantra Mat that you can see in this picture. Thank you to everyone who came out today 💓 #yogajourney #mantramats #cmha Bhairavi is both terrifying and beautiful. How can that be? Her hands are soaked in blood, yet she smiles kindly and grants love and truth. 
Tomorrow, we will sit with her, and gather the courage to face our own fears... or shall I say transform them into radiant beauty and fulfilling nourishment. Sounds like a contradiction, but it isn't, truly. 
Heating pranayama, twists, and some turning upside-down. All levels with lots of options. Don't let fear or hesitation deter you from this rich experience.

#myriamwebb #goddesses #kelownayoga #mahavidyas #tantra #shakti #tandavayoga Members workshop, this Sunday, with these two beautiful souls, @cat_brochu and @inspiral108 ! Tuning forks, healing sounds and, of course, yoga! #community #kelownayoga #chakratuning  #tuningforks #chakra Through yoga, tuning forks and healing sounds, Britt and Cat will work with you to align your chakras and clear your energy bodies.

Join us, 3pm Sunday December 4th, here at Tandava Yoga Kelowna . FREE for our Unlimited Members!

#chakratuning #soundtherapy #tuneup #YLW #tandavayoga #kelownayoga #adventuresinstillness #adventuresinSelf We just LOVE practicing with this guy... @andrew_misle, thanks for being the sweetest of warriors! We got these beautiful crystals in, if you're in the neighbourhood stop by and check them out! Good morning, world! #tandavayoga #anandatandava #adventuresinstillness #adventuresinSelf #kelownayoga #ylw #yoga #ma #durga #kalimaa #shiva #dance #tandava
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